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Brandon St Martin

Brandon St-Martin
January 31, 2019 | Napa Valley, Testimonials | Brandon St-Martin

A Special Day in Napa Valley

Excerpt From: A Special Day at Bottega in Napa Valley by The Heritage Cook

Jane Bonacci, of The Heritage Cookbook, shares her thoughts and experiences from a sojourn to Napa Valley back in 2013. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with her entourage. Excerpts from her wine write-up follow. A link to the original article is provided.

...”We then met Brandon St-Martin, Bottega’s head of winery relations and a great guy. He immediately had the gals swooning with his good looks, natural southern charm, and sense of humor. He gave us an overview of the history of winemaking in the Napa Valley, explaining about the challenges early vintners faced, and brought us to the point where Chef Chiarello made the decision to add the title of winegrower to his impressive resume.

Then we headed to the terrazzo directly adjacent to the restaurant and settled in for some more lessons on the fine art of wine tasting. Oh My, what an experience! We couldn’t have asked for a better tutor than Brandon. Bright and intelligent with a thorough knowledge of winemaking, he was able to answer all of our questions, anticipating most of them before we even knew we wanted the answers!..”



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